DCDS Schema 1.1

Cumulative Package Overview

This document is intended for emergency managers and implementing technicians seeking
guidance on the purpose and intended use of the Disaster Client Data Standard (DCDS),
version 1.1. The DCDS standard is defined by a single Extensible Markup Language (XML)
Schema Definition (XSD). This is a technical, not policy, document, and assumes a
basic understanding of the World Wide Web Consortium XSD specification version 1.0.

Download: dcds_1.1.overview.pdf


XSD Schema File

XSD The most recent version of the Disaster Client Data Standard schema is version 1.1,
available at the following addresses:

Download: http://www.clientdatastandard.org/dcds/schema/dcds_1.1.xsd

Default Namespace: http://www.clientdatastandard.org/dcds/schema/1.1


Example XSD File

To view an example file, download the example XML instance below:

Download: dcds_1.1.example.xml


XML Style Guide

The basic elements contained in the DCDS are listed in this Excel spreadsheet:

Download: dcds_1.1.xls


Cumulative DCDS 1.1 Package

To download the full package of support documents and schema, download the following zip file:

Download: dcds_1.1.package.zip